Monday, March 21, 2011

Peeled - juice bar

This afternoon visited Peeled in Lincoln Park for the first time.  It was AMAZING!  Not only were they super friendly and knowledgeable, but their entire menu is 100% natural and organic so you know anything you choose will have nutritional benefits.

I was a little overwhelmed by all the options, so I ended up trying two different juices. I first tried G'Morning Love, which had almond milk, bananas, raw oats, hemp protein powder, maca, almonds, and cinnamon...awesome.  Then I tried Love Note with bananas, dates, coconut milk and Madagascar vanilla...even better.  They were both great, but were pretty similar, so I will definitely be going back to Peeled to try some new blends and some booster shots to help with energy.

Here is a link to their menu:

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