Friday, March 25, 2011


The collaboration of acupuncture with traditional Chinese medicine has become a more and more popular in our culture.  This form of alternative medicine has been known to relieve pain, provide therapeutic relief, and promote general healing of the body.  The goal of Chinese medicine is to work with the body holistically to reset its balance as opposed to common practice of Western medicine, which works more directly, focusing on one specific issue.

In an attempt to ease stress and bring peace to my everyday life, I decided to try this holistic approach.  After discussing my various health concerns, Mari tapped 16 needles into various energy pools throughout my body.  At first I was a little skeptical, but I became an instant believer when I felt discomfort in only two areas, which I found out later, are tied to my digestive system (a major area of concern for me).  After placing all of the needles, I was left to relax for about 20 minutes.  There was only a slight bit of discomfort, but the idea of trying this much different approach was appealing to me, even if some skeptics have claimed for it to only have a placebo effect on its patients.  In my opinion, the minimum amount of irritation was well worth it.  To supplement my weekly sessions, Mari also gave me two Chinese herbs to sooth and bring ease
to my body.

Within just one day after my first meeting with Mari, I felt relief from the tenseness I had been feeling in my back for months, as well as long awaited control over my digestive system.  Placebo effect or not, I have not felt this comfortable and balanced in years, and I am attributing it to acupuncture.

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